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April 27, 2007
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My Own BDB Story: Front Cover by MiyakoRei My Own BDB Story: Front Cover by MiyakoRei
Phury and Chase...

I'm such a bad girl!
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ZombieHeart Featured By Owner Jul 13, 2007
Oooh. I have yet to read that far in the series.
It's because they haven't come out yet where I live.
The next part of the series I'm going to read is with V and the human girl.

Please tell me, how many books are there in this series???
MiyakoRei Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2007
Well, so far four. Wrath, Rhage, Zsadist, and Butch. Vishous' is next and that comes out in September of this year. And it's true that he ends up with a human girl, but I still can't wait to read about them!!
Phury's comes out in March of '08 and so far with the characters Butch is my favourite. . . yours?
ZombieHeart Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2007
Wow! I can't wait!!
My favorite character??? Hmmmm.... I actually have a few...
I love Rhage and Zsadist! Those two are my favorite and then comes Wrath of course. Hahaha!
I cried so much when I read Lover Eternal.
Heeps and heeps of tears. TT3TT
MiyakoRei Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2007
Hmmm.....I'm stuck in a tie, too. But in all honesty I don't really like Rhage or Vishous. But then again I haven't read V's book either, so I won't judge him just yet. This, I think, would be my rank of the brothers:
1st- Butch
2nd- Zsadist
3rd- Phury
4th- Wrath
5th- Vishous
6th- Rhage
And John is soo damn cute!!! He makes me just want to hug him until he pops!! I know I must sound psychotic for that, but I have a friend who's little brother was tragically shot in the throat when he was 16 and now he can't talk like John [just for different reasons]. I really can't wait for Phury's book to come out; the same month as my 21st birthday!! Lol, sorry for such a long reply but I've been stuck in the Adirondacks for the last week and hated it, especially without internet access.

So yes, thank you for reading ;)
ZombieHeart Featured By Owner Jul 15, 2007
Hahaha. It's cool.
Usually I don't go for Rhage but his whole personality and his past really draw me in. Just like Zsadist.
I think John is adorable as well!! But the one thing that creeped me out about him is when he had that dream. It really freaked me!
I can't wait for those books either! I bet it will be so good!! Hahaha. Ever since I read the last book with Butch I always thought that V was a lil weird and I didn't like him that much. But I love how J.R. describes the tattoos!

Hmmm.... I've also wondered since that book about V and Butch as a couple. It would be so cute!! XP

I'm so sorry. I can't believe he survived getting shot in the throat!
MiyakoRei Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2007
About my friend, thank you very much for your concern...I worry about him everyday. Luckily the gang member who did it was caught and convicted. He has no gag reflexes, can't swallow and has a permanent hole in his neck that helps him to breathe. . . But enough sadness, he's doing much better now.

I found it SOO weird whe Wrath said this in Rhage's book:
"The only reason Butch stays is because V dreams about him."
I had to put the book down and think for a minute. . . I though Butch liked Marissa, how can those two be a couple? Lol, but I'm starting to like V more and more as I read the excerpt off of JR's site over and over [lol I really can't wait] but I don't think I'll like this 'Jane' woman very much, sorry but she seems like. . .I don't know.

I still have to say that after I read Wrath's book I didn't like Z much and Butch seemed like an ass to me, no offense, but after I read their books I really got to know them and started liking them more and more. But I haven't done that with Rhage, I just for some reason don't like the guy... I think it was his past sex life and how he immediately stopped for a human female. I don't know. Again sorry about a long reply, but I love typing and just woke up :)

PS: V and Butch as a couple? CUTE!! Lmao
ZombieHeart Featured By Owner Jul 16, 2007
Ah hahahaha!!! It's perfectly fine. I usually write long replies as well.
I'm so glad he's getting better.

I do have to agree with you. I thought Butch was a butt hole and a raging pervert. Hahahaha! I also thought that Wrath was pulling the "tough guy" act a lil too much. But I loved how Zadist appeared by Beth in the bed. Hahahaha. I know that's a lil odd but I thought how cool that seemed. Then I read how he was about to rape her and I just remember thinking "NO!! Icky..."

In the two previews of V's book I thought Jane was a lil ditzy but had a similar spirit as Beth. That, "I don't need a man"/ "I'm a powerful single female" kind of appearance to me.
I hate that appearance of the characters.

Bahahaha! I would love to draw those two together!!
Too bad I can't draw muscular men. Hahaha!
MiyakoRei Featured By Owner Jul 17, 2007
Lmao, drawing men - muscular or not - would be a desired talent of mine :) And honestly, I don't think I'll like this 'Jane Whitcomb' woman very much at all. She seems a little too...modest in her thoughts. Or, I don't know, maybe I got that word confused with another - whatever my English isn't the best anyway.

And Wrath I suppose was going a little strong on the tough guy act. And when Z appeared next to Beth in bed I was all like :eyepopping: lol. But yes anyway, I love how descriptive J.R. is with her characters, you know? But really, something tells me I won't like Jane at all.
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ladyvalmar Featured By Owner Jun 6, 2007  Professional Digital Artist
Same here yeah I can't choose which brother is my favorite because once the book is down their all equal to me as well. But if I had to say my top three would be:

Vishous, Rhage, and Phury. I love Zsadist so I guess he and Phury could share my top three space.

I really don't find much interest in Tohr but maybe I will later on.

I really can't wait for Rehvenge's book or Phury's.

Why do I like V? Because he's kinky and he seems maybe more tortured than Zsadist. If your having visions of any body's future, at least in my opinion, that can probably make you go mad or withdraw from the world kind of thing. I also have a sneaking suspicion that he might have some sympath blood in him.

Anyways just some thoughts.

MiyakoRei Featured By Owner Jun 7, 2007
I agree with the sympath comment, lol. I like V and all, and what you said about him being tortured because he has visions does make me feel bad, but something tells me whenever I read the books that, well, he's different. I don't know how to really explain it, but if you want my honest opinion, something tells me he's going to go bad [not evil] but realise what he did and come back. That's just my opinion though.

And I also agree with the Tohr comment, we don't really know a lot about him because he left so soon into the series, right after Wellsie died. But I think he's coming back, and I hope we get to hear a little something about her, too. He doesn't seemlike a bad guy, we just haven't gotten to know him yet.

I know that V's book comes out in August or November, and Phury's comes out next March-ish [my birthday month!!! I can't wait!!!] but I didn't know Rehv was getting his own book...Cool! And I hope J.R. puts out a book all on John as well, I love him ^_^

Well, thanks a ton for the comment and your opinion. Hope we can keep in touch; it's not often I find people who like the series, let alone know what it is, lol. Do you have AIM, by chance?
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